2019 Goals

  1. Own a webshop
  2. Write a book
  3. Go to England
  4. Read 52 books
  5. Be more conscious about my purchases
  6. Finish MBO
  7. Implement the GTD System/Medium Method
  8. Be able to eat a normal meal
  9. Have X euros saved up
  10. Loose weight
  11. Finish at least two notebooks
  12. Work every day towards achieving my goals
  13. Use Evernote to capture everything
  14. Grow online presence
  15. (Be ready to) move out
  16. Brain dump thoughts in morning and evening
  17. Do vlogmas / bookmas 2019
  18. Read and watch the Harry Potter-series
  19. Build new and existing relationships


My name is Lieke and I’m a 22 year old student, reader, tv show-addict and just enjoying life as best as possible. This is my little corner of the internet in which I share everything that’s near and dear to my heart.

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