The last few years, it has been a trend to always use your time wisely, be as productive as possible and just, in general, not waste any time. It seems reasonable, but it also makes one victim to being too stressed and eventually maybe get burned out, or depressed. This lifestyle blog aims to help readers with designing their ultimate life, in which they do get their stuff done, but also make time to relax and for things that really matter to them. From time management and productivity to book and tv show recommendations, you’ll find it all on Life With Lieke.

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Having this blog is not my first rodeo. From the moment I knew that anyone could make a website, I was making blogs. Writing has always been one of my favourite things to do and it will always be that way. Starting Life With Lieke has given me the most confidence as of yet, to really make something to be proud of (instead of hiding it from family & friends).

In 2011, I got diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorder. Long story short; there were a tough couple of years battling depression, but I got myself out of it. The anxiety is still here though, and even though it can sometimes take over my life and make me question everything, I also believe that it makes me stronger every time I come out the other end of the tunnel. These experiences have made me the person I am today. And they have also made me want to create my own ultimate life, with a good balance between work (of course, preferably something I love; writing, etc.) and personal (reading good books, watching my favourite tv shows, continue to build -better- relationships with the people close to me and just take good care of myself). In a way, this blog is kind of a progress log on how I try to live my ultimate life.

Random facts about me:

  • Born and raised in the Netherlands, the tiny country between the UK/North Sea and Germany. Been living here all my life, yet I feel like my English is better than my Dutch.
  • I got 400+ books on my bookshelves, but only have gotten around to like 100 of them.
  • I have never learned to eat vegetables; don’t worry, this is also part of me trying to design my ultimate life. I’d love to go out for dinner without any stress about what’s on the menu.
  • I studied law, once upon a time (didn’t finish the degree, though).