My Current Struggles.

July 22, 2020 No Comments

Get ready for some honest talk!

So this blog has been up and running since the beginning of June. Now that’s almost two months and I thought by now I would’ve gotten into a routine of producing content and publishing it every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

This was of course pretty easy during the two weeks that I was on holiday from my normal job. I had all the time in the world to create content for you guys. My plan at the beginning was to get as much content on “paper” as possible, so that I would be ahead of schedule and not have to worry about a deadline too much. But even in those two weeks, I was rushing to get the content up for the day and I wouldn’t be happy with what I put out, because it was rushed, not much thought went into it and it wasn’t exactly the content that I wanted to publish.

Since I’ve been back to work, I have only posted one blogpost (last Friday), and although that was also due to some personal issues, I could’ve definitely done better. I want to do better. I know where I want to eventually go with this platform I am trying to build, but I am not in the right space to do that yet. And, I feel like I need to grow a bigger audience before I could actually start working towards that dream I have.

Then there’s also the problem that I want to talk about different topics, i.e. productivity, self-help, books (& other entertainment) and then also writing. But I feel like this doesn’t bring any consistency to my blog and YouTube channel. I don’t have specific “niche” in which people can categorise me in and to be honest, it is kind of stressing me out.

So yeah, what I am trying to say; I am trying to find my footing with blogging and YouTube, both in behind-the-scenes and the actual content. Please bare with me, while I figure it all out!

Also, any suggestions, advice or any other input is greatly appreciated! Either here in the comments, or you can send me a direct message on Twitter or Instagram.

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